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What You Need To Know About Performance Anxiety

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In a week, you have to present your project in front of the class but you're already losing sleep over it not because you can't meet the deadline but the mere thought of presenting it in front of the audience is stressing you out. You can feel the sweat, nervousness, and fear that will be filled that day. You know that you'll screw it up and your heart races thinking about it.

Whether it’s a meeting, a job interview, or a speech before a large crowd — if the feelings above sound familiar, you may be suffering from performance anxiety, also referred to as stage fright.

Consciously you know you’re not a screw-up, but your shortcomings are all you can think about when you experience this type of anxiety. It isn’t just “in your head”, the symptoms of performance anxiety are very real and very disruptive. But you’re not alone, and you don’t have to continue to suffer. In case of extreme anxiety, consult a therapist.

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