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The laugh-cry emoji may be uncool, but it's still the most-used emoji of 2021

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How the Cry-Laughing Face Became the Most Divisive Emoji in History


The laughing and crying emoji might not be so cool. But it's still the most used emoji in the world.According to new information from the Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for universal character encoding for the Web. including emojis that appear on smartphones and computers

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Unicode found that 92% of the global online population uses emojis. and the laughing, crying emoji, technically known as "Tears of happiness" accounted for 5% of that use.
It appears that the use of emoji hasn't changed much since 2019, the last time the Unicode Consortium released this information. Back then, 😂 and ❤️ was the most used emoji in the world. In fact, "Tears of Joy" reigned supreme.

At least on iOS and macOS devices since at least 2017.

There are other symbols that are rapidly gaining popularity this year: 🎂 rose 88 points to No. 25; 🎈 No. 48, up from 139; and 🥺, which were added only in 2018, and are now the 14th most popular emoji according to the Unicode Consortium.

An association made up of members - Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft - vote for a new emoji every year. More than 100 new characters are added to iPhones and Android devices each year. There are a total of 3,663 emojis.