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Inhaling this odorless molecule will make you more aggressive or docile.

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Sniffing this odorless molecule could make you more aggressive—or more  docile - NewsBreak


A study published in Science Advances shows that the odorless chemicals emitted by slot humans and other mammals are toxic. May stimulate more fighting behavior in women and reduce aggression in men

Scientists have observed how people react to frustrating computer games with and without a molecule called hexadecimal. Female players take more action against their opponents while sniffing the chemicals. while men show opposite patterns. The team also noticed differences between brain activity changes in men and women during exposure.

Experiments indicate that chemical signals we don't consciously know may affect our behavior in some contexts. However, the findings have a number of caveats—and more evidence is needed to determine the extent to which hexadecimal. really influence us

Ashok Panigrahy, Professor of Radiology developmental biology bioengineering and bioinformatics from the University of Pittsburgh, who was not involved in the research said. "This needs to be repeated before it is fully accepted and conclusive," he said. and how is it related to behavior?"