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How did the solar system come about?

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How Did The Solar System Form? - YouTube


The formation of the solar system began about 4.5 billion years ago. When gravity pulls dust and gas together to form our solar system.Scientists cannot directly study how our solar system formed. But combining observations of young star systems at various wavelengths Computer simulations have led to simulations of what might have happened years ago.

How was the sun formed?

The solar system is held by our sun.

How are planets formed?

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planet moon asteroid And everything in the solar system was formed from a tiny fraction of matter. in this region, which is not included in the young sun The substance forms a massive disk around a baby star that surrounds it for about 100 million years, a blink in astronomy.during that time Planets and moons formed from disks. among the planets Jupiter should have formed first. Perhaps as early as a million years in the solar system. Scientists have argued

before the solar system formed Massive concentrations of gas and dust in space create molecular clouds that would form the source of the Sun. The cold temperatures cause the gas to coagulate. more and more dense The densest part of the clouds began to collapse under their own gravity. Perhaps due to the explosion of nearby stars, many young stellar objects are known as protostars.