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Google Photos Lock Folder Now Available on More Android Phones

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Google Photos' Locked Folder is now rolling out to more Android phones -  The Verge


Google Photos' Folder Lock feature, which promises to keep sensitive photos out of your main photo roll. It's starting to roll out on non-Pixel phones, according to Android Police. Google said in September that the feature would be rolling out to other Android phones "soon",

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and it reportedly started appearing on some Samsung and OnePlus devices, according to Android Central. Older Pixel devices that don't have access to older Pixel devices are getting them now. based on our test This feature lets you select a specific photo or video and place it in a password or biometric-locked folder.

Remove photos or videos from your home feed and keep them from being in the cloud. Launched on Google phones (Pixel 3 and above) in June. After being announced at Google's I/O presentation in May,Locked folders allow you to keep your private photos private.

In its presentation, Google used an example of a parent hiding a picture of a newly purchased puppy from their children. Absolutely valid use case Although I suspect most people would probably use it for less useful images, mitigating the "what if they swipe back too many pictures and see my butt" that can happen when showing pictures of people from a library. unfiltered (Of course, that's a related concern.)