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Characteristics of a history essay

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The historical essay as a frying pan of an Olympiad assignment has the following attributes:

The presence of a specific topic or question

You cannot write a history essay on the analysis of a wide range of problems. The topic of the essay should always be specific.

Personal character of the perception of the problem and its comprehension

The essay is interesting because it gives an opportunity to see the personality, assess the originality of his position, the peculiarities of his studybay, attitude to the world and, finally, to see the writer's style of the author.

Small volume

Of course, there are no strict limits, but the size of an Olympiad essay usually does not exceed 2-3 handwritten texts of A4 format. This is, to some extent, due to time constraints - the Olympiad usually takes about an hour and a half to write an essay. 

Internal semantic unity of the essay text

here it is important to comply with two serious requirements. First, the history essay should agree on the key themes and statements. Second, the discussions should be consistent.

A well-defined essay structure

This requirement stems from the criteria for grading a history essay. The methodological guidelines, which are included in the text of the historical essay task at the Olympiad, orient participants to a three-part structure. It should consist of the introduction, the main part and the conclusion.

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