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Advertising Investment in Digital Media

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Digital advertising cuts distance with the television medium and remains 3 percentage points away from reaching pitiably Spain , the Association of advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain, presents the data from the Study E-Mail-Datenbank kaufen of Advertising Investment in Digital Media 2018, prepared in collaboration with PC. Total investment in digital advertising in 2018 was €1,972 million, a figure that includes investment in Desktop and Mobile (€1,858 million), DUH (€60.9 million), Native and Branded Content (43.1 M€), Audio Online (6.5 M€) and Connected Television (2.8 M€). The total figure for investment in digital advertising has grown by 13.5% compared to 2017.

It stands out that digital advertising E-Mail-Datenbank kaufen represents a penetration of 34.3% with respect to the total advertising investment, which translates into an increase of more than three percentage points compared to 2017 (31%), thus consolidating its position in the media ranking and cutting more distance to television, which remains at 37.1%.The most active sectors in 2018 were Automotive (23.7%), Large Distribution (10.9%), Beauty, Hygiene and Cosmetics (9.2%), Food and Beverages (8.4%) and Banking (7 .6%). While the three advertisers in order of investment were Group Vanessa, El Cote Singles/Peppercorn, Group Renault/Dacha, Monetarist/Telegenic and Procter & Gamble.

Regarding multi-device campaigns, Desktop exclusives and Mobile exclusives, the study indicates that:Around 80% of the E-Mail-Datenbank kaufen campaigns are planned on Desktop and Mobile together, specifically, Display (86.45%), Video (79.14%) and Search (86.99%).'Only Desktop', Video is the one with the highest percentage of investment with a share of 11.21%, followed by Display (5.68%) and Search (2.85)%.As for 'only Mobile', search campaigns (10.16%) stand out, followed by Video (9.65%) and Display (7.87%).When analyzing Desktop&Mobile, the study details that Display accounts for €695.9M (35.3%), representing 94.3% of the total investment in digital advertising.