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Abou Gangkhar Puensum Mountain

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With the development of human history, there are many mountains that have been conquered. Even the 8,844-meter-high Mount Everest, there're new conquerors every year. However, although Mount Gangkhar Puensum is 7570 meters high, which is 1274 meters lower than Mount Everest’s 8844 meters (Chinese standard), no one has been able to reach its summit so far. Expeditions from many countries have been tried many times, but all ended in failure. There are actually two reasons,

On the one hand, the Gangkhar Puensum mountain is indeed very difficult to climb. The terrain here is very complicated. Many explorers come here without knowing where to go up the mountain. There was no map here long ago. Many people can only try to find the entrance with experience and intuition, but all failed. Later, a scientist made a map of the local area through field surveys, which made people know something about the mountain. Although it was allowed to open in 1983, the four climbing attempts finally failed.