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5 things to know about travel across Europe

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So, what are 5 things to know about travel across Europe? It’s easy to find the answer to this question and plenty of useful information in this post. Thanks to this article, I can now travel across Europe in a convenient and comfortable way. By the way, there are many things to know about travel across Europe if you are planning to visit it for the first time.

As for me, I was surprised to find out that different European countries might have significantly different COVID restrictions. This was the most important point from the list of 5 things to know about travel to this popular region. What is more, you might fail to use only euros in some countries - they have their own local currencies. This rule is working for the Czech Republic, Poland, and many other popular destinations.

What other new facts did I find in this post? The fact that some European countries, including Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, and others might have extra visa restrictions (they are still not in the Schengen zone.) Therefore, when planning a trip, it is necessary to keep in mind preparing the documents for the visa. There is tons of other important info in this post.